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Scam Websites Are Ripping Business Owners Off for Thousands of Dollars! Here's What To Look Out For.

Don't pay $1,000 for a free thing!! Sounds self-explanatory right? Some people (read: scumbags) take advantage of business owners by charging a ridiculous fee to "provide a service" that you can do yourself for free in just a few minutes. Usually, real websites have helplines that will walk you through every step of the process if you don't understand it for free. Because they're paid for with tax dollars. Most of the time there is a notice on the website that it is "An Official Website of the US Government." as well!



Official website - A fake website will charge you $599 to do the thing that was free on the real site


EINs From the IRS

Official website - Fake websites will charge you $269 for the free thing that takes 4 minutes to do.


DOL Workplace Posters

Official website - Fake websites charge you up to $50 to send the exact same posters.

NOTE: The "official notice" that comes in the mail and looks like it's from the IRS isn't real. The IRS doesn't enforce labor law posters, the Department of Labor does.



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