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Wendy is intelligent, hard working, honest and direct in her approach to her business. I have seen her grow from a bookkeeping assistant to a businesswoman, owning her own company. Her success is a tribute to her determination to continually perform at the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

Lon R.

Anonymous Client Survey

I love bookspring! Onboarding was simple and quick. Anytime I need something or have a question, they are quick to respond. I check in on my books frequently and they're always up-to-date enough for me to get a good grasp of where my numbers are at.

Jim B.

Wendy was the best early investment I made with my small business, Flickboards.

I could handle many of the other aspects of my start-up, but accounting and bookkeeping wasn't one of them. She was able to keep that part of my business organized, which allowed me to focus my attention to other important areas of the business. Several years later thanks to her help, Flickboards is now in position to grow by leaps and bounds after it and myself were acquired by a major manufacturer/distributor. The financials are EXTREMELY important to the success of your business, and I highly recommend meeting with Wendy to discuss these things and see how she could help you. Thanks again Wendy!

Stacy O.

...And great bookkeeping to set me up for success thanks to ookspring!

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