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New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

Brace yourself, all the New Year's Resolutions (and the social media posts about them) are on their way! I suppose we're ahead of the game here. But our goals for the new year as a company are listed above. We are looking to get even more organized for peak efficiency, growing our client list, gaining social media followers, and a super-secret goal that isn't ready for public knowledge yet. (Stay tuned!) Publicly stating your goals has been shown to help the motivation to follow through with them. Stay motivated by asking a friend or family member to keep you accountable. Then get ready to take on the year! I'm sure you've heard of the SMART goal setting system but as a reminder, it is a set of guidelines to keep in mind to help you achieve your goals. Goals should be: Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-Based If you're a business owner looking for more time in your busy schedule, you can see an estimated cost of bookspring's bookkeeping services here. Do you have any goals (personal or business) you're willing to share? Post it in the comments!


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